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Cook-up starches - everything from clean label to clarity.

 The backbone for texture, processing and stability


Cook-up starches create the stable structure of your products, from dairy and fillings to gravies and soups. Some of our most popular cook-up starches include:

  • NOVATION®- functional native starches for a clean label; process-tolerant and shelf-stable attributes never before possible with native starches
  • PURITY GUM starch - for fruit fillings with appealing clarity and texture
  • N-DULGE® FR co-texturiser is an award-winning solution that precisely mimics the role of butter, margarine, bakery fats or oil, enabling significant cost savings and up to 75% fat replacement
  • N-DULGE® C1 - a co-texturiser designed to deliver unique mouthcoating properties in high moisture food systems

These are just some of the products available to you from Ingredion. For the full portfolio and benefits associated with cook-up starches, visit our ingredient selector.


 Oldie but goodie

COLFLO™ 67 is a popular food thickener that was first introduced in 1955. Why do formulators stay loyal and specify it over and over? In addition to providing storage stability, COLFLO™ starch is highly tolerant of the impact of processing equipment on the starch granule.

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