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The ingredients for a clean label.

 It's nature's way


You know what consumers want: convenient, natural and organic foods of restaurant or homemade quality. And they want them prepared with recognised and trusted ingredients. Our ever expanding portfolio of nature-based ingredients provides the solution, making it easy for you to meet consumer expectations and increase consumer appeal.


With over 15 years' experience in clean label, we can help manufacturers overcome any clean label, cost, application or process challenge.


Industry-leading definitions

You've decided to go clean label, but where do you start? With no official regulation or legislation to help guide manufacturers, reformulation can seem like a daunting task.  In the absence of industry-wide guidance, Ingredion Europe has developed its own proposed definition of clean label to help our customers create naturally-positioned products with real consumer appeal.


The definition is based on three simple guidelines:

  • Free from chemical additives
  • Simple ingredient listing
  • Minimally processed


Based on a combination of focus groups, accompanied shopping visits and expert interviews in France, Germany, the UK and US, these simple guidelines provide food developers with greater insight into what consumers consider to be appealing and how to meet demand when formulating or reformulating.

Keeping it clean

NOVATION® functional native starches help you create satisfying, wholesome foods with clean ingredient labels. This award-winning range delivers compromise-free processing performance plus a simple "starch" label.

Designed to texturise, thicken and stabilise pre-prepared foods, the NOVATION® family of starches now contains more than 20 options. Choose from waxy maize, tapioca, rice and potato bases, organic varieties, and the NOVATION® Prima range for added freeze/thaw and cold storage stability. Whatever your process, application or budget, NOVATION® functional native starches enable a consumer-friendly 'starch' ingredient declaration.

NOVATION® starches are ideal for sauces, dressings, fruit preparations, gravies, ready meals, yogurts, desserts, baby foods and many other applications. Search our ingredient selector for full details.

Making flour functional

Chefs appreciate flour for its contribution to taste, appearance, texture and overall consumer appeal. But flour can cause problems due to its inability to withstand rigorous food processing conditions and extended storage requirements. That's why we partnered with Limagrain Céréales Ingrédients to create the HOMECRAFT®​ family of functional flours.


HOMECRAFT®functional flours confer a natural and luxurious appearance, smooth texture, creamy mouthfeel and authentic flavour to prepared foods. Plus, they reduce process and end-product variability while improving processing times and batch-to-batch consistency. Search our ingredient selector for more details.


Within the HOMECRAFT®​ functional flour range, we have a gluten-free functional flour that helps you create gluten-free baked goods with premium textures and maximum appeal.


The support you need... and expect

Producing your next winning formula is a lot easier with Ingredion Europe at your side. Our extraordinary food formulating, culinary and technical teams are available to help you develop convenient, home-style and restaurant quality foods.


 Clean label ready meals


From the meat to the sauce, we can help you eliminate unpopular chemical ingredients from your ready meal labels. Our ingredients combine the clean label consumers are looking for with the stability and shelf life you need. Read more​


 The power of resistant starch

  • Try powerful HI-MAIZE® resistant starch, the only isolated resistant starch proven by 300 clinical studies to offer a range of health benefits, including satiety and weight and blood sugar management.
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 Fibre and wholegrain goodness

You can claim that SUSTAGRAIN® wholegrain barley flakes and flour deliver digestive, glycaemic and heart health benefits to consumers,

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