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Growing. Manufacturing. Innovating.

 To meet your needs

​Ingredion helps you create foods and beverages that capture consumers' imaginations and tastes - and achieve your other business goals. From providing consumer insights to developing the right formulation and achieving processing efficiencies, we are focused on helping you overcome your challenges and meet your goals.


One of our advertising themes used to be, "You'll find us everywhere," meaning our ingredients are in products consumers use every day. You'll also find our facilities across two dozen countries on six continents with complete manufacturing, development support and service to serve your business.

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You get a superior product because Ingredion agribusiness builds close relationships with our growers. We contract with area farmers - some of whom have been with us for three generations - for more than 90% of our corn supply. They track production, varieties planted (such as waxy, high extractable starch dent and high amylose) and crop management data to consistently deliver a superior crop.

The agribusiness team also oversees the quality and sales of the byproducts of our starch manufacturing operations, including starch for animal feed. Thanks to our reputation for quality and the availability of non-GM materials, our by-products are in demand throughout the world.

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Ingredion has a network of ten starch manufacturing operations on four continents, processing maize, maize hybrids, tapioca, potato and sago palm.

All of our plants operate at the highest levels of safety, environmental responsibility and quality, ensuring consistent products for our customers and a comfortable environment for our employees and neighbours.

Plant science

To give you the ingredient performance you need, we're always working on ways to improve starch functionality by enhancing the characteristics of the maize we use. Maize can be dramatically changed through classic breeding techniques to produce a wide range of traits with functionality in foods and beverages. It is a lengthy process that spans several years and many growing seasons at fields in different parts of world to produce the desired results.

One recent project was aimed at reducing production steps and chemical use to produce important food processing stability. Our plant science team also developed a line of high-amylose strains that have resulted in starches with excellent film forming properties. And the unique natural resistant starches from strains they have developed offer healthier carbohydrates.



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