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Good for your consumers. Good for your bottom line.  

 Everybody's healthy.

​Consumers take nutrition seriously. Sales of foods containing nutritional ingredients such as fibre, antioxidants and whole grains have grown year after year.

Make the most of these marketplace trends. Reduce fat and calories, and add nutrients and fibre to products - all while maintaining the eating experience your consumers expect. Our experts are here to help.

 Introducing HI-MAIZE™ resistant starch

​While consumers are actively looking for healthier foods that offer recognised health benefits, they still want great taste and convenience – a balance of nutrition and enjoyment.
HI-MAIZETM resistant starch makes it easier for food companies to provide this balance, adding fibre and nutrition with every mouthful…without changing the textures and flavours consumers love.
Made from a traditionally bred hybrid of corn that is naturally high in amylose and naturally rich in resistant starch, HI-MAIZETM makes it easier for consumers to boost their fibre and resistant starch intake – without having to change what they eat.

Naturally white in appearance, neutral in taste and with a small particle size, HI-MAIZETM invisibly adds fibre and resistant starch to bread, pasta, noodles, snacks and breakfast cereals. In many recipes, it simply replaces some or all of the flour in foods, delivering good texture and clean flavour.

Health benefits beyond fibre

Many public health authorities including WHO, U.S. National Academy of Sciences, European Food Safety Authority and Australia’s National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) recognise resistant starch as a beneficial carbohydrate.
A large body of scientific evidence - more than 350 published studies – demonstrates compelling health advantages of natural HI-MAIZETM including benefits to:
Remember: most scientific research pointing to health advantages of resistant starch relates to high amylose maize starch (eg. HI-MAIZETM). Other types of resistant starch have been less well researched, with few published studies.

 Supporting healthy blood sugar and insulin levels in three ways


​More than 30 studies with healthy people have shown the glycemic effect of foods containing
HI-MAIZETM resistant starch. That’s why the European Food Safety Authority approved a label claim.

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 Looking for Wholegrain?


​For foods with the added appeal of wholegrain, using HI-MAIZETM Wholegrain provides a mild corn flavour and golden colour.

Made by grinding the entire HI-MAIZE corn kernel to different particle sizes, the resulting flour contains at least 50 percent fibre (insoluble), as well as resistant starch.


 A hidden weapon for weight management?


​Choosing the right sort of foods may help us better control our appetites. What’s most suprising is that it’s the fibre you can’t see which seems to have the greatest effect.

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