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Our roots are in starch; innovation is in our DNA.

 Our history.

We can trace our roots back over 120 years to a series of mergers by regional starch product companies in the United States that served the wallpaper, textile and envelope markets. These merged businesses formed what was known as the National Starch Company of New Jersey. Our headquarters today is in Bridgewater, N.J., USA.
In 1939, the company integrated backwards by purchasing its first starch refinery. In the following decade, National Starch’s scientists began unlocking the potential of natural polymers by developing the first waxy maize starches, the first patented cross-linked starches and the first cross-linked waxy maize starches. These new specialty starches had a significant impact on processed foods because they had superior thickening properties, longer shelf life and contributed to improved texture and appearance.
Expanding our research, we began to develop new corn hybrids to build in starch properties that could further benefit industry, cementing our reputation as a science-based ingredient supplier that could deliver new types of functionality from agricultural materials.
Over the past 25 years, we’ve broadened our natural polymer starch portfolio with tapioca, rice, sago palm and potato, affording you more options for solving ever more complex challenges.